Southern California Linked Repeater Systems

Southern California Linked Repeater Systems

The below systems offer wide range coverage across California and in some cases beyond. Many of the linked repeater systems incorporate various bands such as 2M, 440 and 220 Mhz.

WIN System

The WIN System is one of the largest repeaters systems around, with repeaters in several states across the country. You’ll also find many IRLP nodes which are linked to the system, so it’s not uncommon to hear someone from another country. This is a very active system and also fun to listen to. Also great for emergencies. They have a nightly net called the Insomniac Net which starts at 11:00 PM Pacific each night, and consists of 3 trivia questions.

Website: http://www.winsystem.org/

#NameST/PRCallFREQ/Offset/PLCoverageAllStar or IRLPNode #
1VistaCAK6JSI448.800* (-) 100.0Oceanside / VistaAllStar1330
2PalomarCAK6JSI449.080* (-) 123.0Palomar Mtn. – No. San DiegoAllStar1350
3OtayCAK6JSI447.640* (-) 100.0Mt. Otay – San DiegoAllStar1320
4SantiagoCAK6JSI448.060  (-) 100.0Santiago Pk. – Orange / Riverside CountyAllStar1350
5BreckenridgeCAK6JSI447.640* (-) 100.0Breckenridge Mtn. – BakersfieldIRLP3421
6Santa YnezCAK6JSI448.900* (-) 123.0Santa Ynez Peak. – Santa BarbaraAllStar1360
7SunsetCAK6JSI147.210  (+) 100.0Sunset Ridge – Pomona, RiversideAllStar1350
8SunsetCAK6JSI224.160  (-) 71.9Sunset Ridge – Pomona, RiversideAllStar1350
9YumaAZKJ6IZQ448.000 (-) 100.0YumaAllStar1530
10LoopCAK6JSI448.900* (-) 100.0Los Angeles and San Fernando ValleyAllStar1350
11AngelesCAK6JSI446.460  (-) 100.0Mt. Disappointment – San Fernando Vly., LA BasinAllStar1350
12Santa Anita RidgeCAK6JSI447.580  (-) 100.0LA / Orange CountyAllStar1350
13Meadow LakesCAK6JSI444.250  (+) 100.0FresnoIRLP3421
14Meadow LakesCAK6JSI146.790* (-) 100.0FresnoIRLP3421
16Mt. OsoCAK6JSI443.525  (+) 107.2Modesto / StocktonIRLP3421
17Thousand OaksCAK6JSI448.940  (-) 100.0T.O. Moorpark, Simi, Oxnard, CalabasasIRLP3449

W6SCE EARN Repeater System

Covers much of Southern California

Website: https://w6sce.org/

Site NameFrequencyCTCSSCoverage Area
Santiago 440446.920 (-) 127.3Greater LA Basin – Stand-alone repeater, must be activated to link to the rest of the system
Santiago224.760 (-) 100.0Greater LA Basin
Oat224.740 (-) 100.0San Fernando/Santa Clarita/Simi Valley
Rincon224.760 (-) 131.8Santa Barbara/Ventura
Cactus City224.320 (-) 131.8Western Low Desert
Chuckwalla224.760 (-) 131.8Low Desert
Big Maria224.320 (-) 131.8Blythe/Lower Colorado River
Christmas Tree224.760 (-) 100.0Laughlin/Eastern High desert
Red224.700 (-) 100.0Las Vegas/Lake Mead
Ord224.320 (-) 100.0High Desert
White224.760 (-) 100.0Bishop/Mammoth
Oak224.700 (-) 100.0Western High Desert/Tehacapi Pass
Shirley224.320 (-) 131.8Lake Isabella/Southern San Joaquin Valley
Musick (Off Air)224.760 (-) 131.8Big Creek/San Joaquin Valley

Condor Connection

Wide area coverage including most of California, Nevada, Arizona and northern Mexico.

Website: http://www.condor-connection.org/

MT. ROSERENO, NV224.30W7DED156.7
THE GEYSERSCalistoga, CA223.80AC6VJ156.7
MT. VACAVacaville, CA223.84AC6VJ156.7
MT. HAMILTONSan Jose, CA224.60KB6ABM156.7
GOAT MOUNTAINSan Joaquin Valley, CA224.90WB6BRU156.7
SHIRLEY PEAKLake Isabella CA224.64WB6RHQ156.7
QUARTZITE MOUNTAINVictorville, CA223.84K7GIL156.7
RASNOW PEAKThousand Oaks, CA223.94WB6RHQ156.7
SANTIAGO PEAKOrange County, CA224.82K8BUW156.7
TORO PEAKPalm Desert, CA224.18WB6RHQ156.7
LYONS PEAKSan Diego, CA223.94W2IRI141.3
GUADALUPE PEAKQuartzsite, AZ224.88KF6BM156.7
WHITE TANKSPhoenix, AZ224.60KD7TKT156.7